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Why DynaCal Over Google?

When it comes to deciding which calendaring software you should go with for your organization there is really only one choice, DynaCal. With DynaCal there is more than just adding events to a Calendar. It is about Managing your schedule, and communicating better.

DynaCal is a powerful, web-based calendaring and scheduling system designed to help you…

Communicate Better – Keep your parents, staff, and community in the loop
Schedule Everything – all of your events, activities, and facilities in one system!
Manage your Schedule – take care of the details and eliminate conflicts!

What does DynaCal Offer that Google Doesn’t?

DynaCal offers much more when it comes to Calendaring, Facility Management, and Engaging users to stay up to date and informed. Here are just a few examples of what DynaCal will provide that you cannot get with Google.

Unlimited Customer Support –Should you ever have questions or would like to see a feature added, DynaCal is here to help and provide any assistance or support you may need.

Real Time Athletic Syncing –Sync your Athletic events to DynaCal in real time and get all your events, activities, and resource schedules on a single Calendar.

Facility Scheduling –Schedule events with confidence, knowing notifications will be sent and conflicts have automatically been checked for, eliminating double bookings.

Custom Website Integration –Choose from multiple website links that connect your website visitors to the information they care most about. Even stream upcoming events on you site.

Resource Maintenance –Set up an Approval Process for any resource. You can choose from a single approval to a multi-level approval process. Even send notifications for a resource.

My DynaCal -Allow visitors to your website to create and save personalized views of your calendar making it easy for them to find all their interests with a single click.

Users –Create users and assign rights to them. Allowing them add/edit rights or view only rights.

Cmail –Automatic email updates about your activities and events, directly from DynaCal to groups you create. Send notices on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.
Plus Much More!

You can also Sync your DynaCal calendar to Outlook, Google Calendar, and Mac iCal. All in real time, once a change is made it DynaCal it is updated everywhere. With DynaCal you get more than just a Calendar, you are getting unlimited support, new features being added per requests, all within a system designed to help you manage your calendaring schedule!

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