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Saved Views for Administrators

The Saved Views feature is part of My DynaCal on the Administrative Interface, which allows those with log in rights to create and save their own custom view. This is very useful for users that only want to see events that they have rights to, or pertain to their area of interest. There is no limit to the number of Saved Views a user may have. A user may also select one of their Saved Views and set it as their Default view. Each time the user logs in, their Default view will load.

There any many options when setting up a Saved View. The first choice is how many Days will show in the view, 1 Day, A Week, A Month, or even a Year. The second choice is View By, and that is either List View or Calendar View. The third and most important choice is Format. There are many options to choose from when it comes to Format All, Athletics, Public, Private, Resources, even Individual Categories, and more. There is event the options to show Pending Events, and Event Details.

These Views can then by Saved and synced to another Calendar!

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