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Not All Browsers Are Created Equal!

Looking for a performance boost when using DynaCal?

If so, here are a few recommendations that should speed performance up for you. If you are currently using Internet Explorer 7 or 8, and can update to Internet Explorer 9 please do so. If you are unable to update due to your operating system being Windows XP you may want to try another browser. We recommend using either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. There is a great deal of difference in speed when it comes to browsers.

DynaCal is designed to take advantage of the speed and power the new browsers have to offer. If you are using one of our recommended browsers you will notice an increase in speed and performance. However, not doing so may result in the system running just a little bit slower. We are continuing to work on improving speed with older browsers, however our main focus is continuing to work adding feature requests you are asking for while expanding DynaCals overall versatility.

Recommended Browsers for DynaCal
• Internet Explorer 9
• Mozilla Firefox 17
• Google Chrome
• Safari 6

Soon we will be announcing an end-of-support date for IE 7, so please make your browser upgrades soon!

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