New DynaCal Mobile Features for Calendar Administrators

We’re pleased to announce some great new calendar administration features for DynaCal Mobile!

Calendar Administrator Login

To help Calendar Administrators easily manage simple functions from anywhere, we’ve now added the ability to login to DynaCal Mobile and perform selected administrator functions from the site.  If you’re a Calendar Administrator and want to login, simply  select the Admin Login menu, then enter your credentials.

Admin Login

Post Cancellations, Delays, Posptonements and Announcements

After logging in, 2 new menu options will appear; Add Cancellation and Add Announcement.  Simply click the menu option and fill in the description, select the appropriate Category and Save to post to your Calendar from DynaCal Mobile.

New Admin Options

Add Cancellation


Cancel / Postpone Existing Events

With all of the weather related cancellations and postponements these days, it’s important to be able to quickly and easily Cancel or Postpone existing calendar events and activities.  Calendar Administrators can now do that from DynaCal Mobile.  After logging in to DynaCal Mobile, you will be able to click on an event to see the details, and from there Cancel or Postpone an event, just like you can on the desktop version of DynaCal.  Note that this function is permissions based, so if you do not have permission to add / edit events in a Category, you will not be able to Cancel or Postpone it.

View Details

Cancel or Postpone


Cancelled and Postponed events will then show up in Red and Orange respectively, making them easy to see for your public calendar users.

Cancelled Event Red

We hope these new features make managing your Calendar and communicating to parents and the community easier for you!  If you have any questions or would like support for these Calendar Administration features, please give us a call customer service.



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