Hour of Code

The non-profit organization Code.org is on a mission to help the U.S. see the value of computer programming and make it an educational priority. According to Code.org only 1 in 10 schools in the U.S. offer computer science classes.

This week (12/9 – 12/16) is Computer Science Education week and Code.org is promoting an “Hour of Code”. This promotion is designed to increase awareness of the need for more training, and to provide introductory level instruction to students of any age. ┬áDuring this week, Code.org is asking teachers to dedicate one hour to educating students on programming.

More information, videos, and online tutorials are available on Code.org’s website. Follow the links below and take a few minutes to check it out.

Who knows, maybe your inner programmer will start to make it’s way out!

Code.org Website

Information Specific to Computer Science in Ohio

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