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DynaCal gives your organization powerful calendaring, facility scheduling and work order management capabilities unlike any other system! You’ve probably tried many different manual and automated systems to manage your school’s activities, events and resources. White-boards, 3-ring binders, PDF, Word and Excel documents, custom databases, static web pages, and personal calendaring systems… they all fall short of giving you what you need!  Please take a few moments to read more and contact us for a personal demonstration today.


What types of organizations can benefit from using DynaCal?
DynaCal was created for K-12 Schools, but can be used by any “event-intensive” organizations like churches, cities, park & recreation departments, clubs, and not-for-profits.
What's the difference between DynaCal and desktop or web based calendars like Outlook or Google Calendar?
DynaCal was designed with specific types of organizations in mind, ones that revolve around group and public activities.  Churches, schools, park & rec programs and sports clubs are perfect examples.  Managing and communicating these activities (both inside and outside the organization) is a very important part of these “event-intensive” organizations’ daily function.  So we have designed and built a dynamic web calendaring program that focuses specifically on the needs of the organization, not necessarily the needs of the individual within the organization. Outlook and Google Calendar were built to manage personal calendars and schedules, and although they have since evolved to allow for sharing of personal schedules, they have never focused on organizations’ events. 
How much does DynaCal cost?
Unlike other software programs that charge based on annual number of events or number of resources used, DynaCal uses a simple, customer-friendly pricing approach based on the size of your organization. For example, school pricing is determined based on the number of students.  
How long does it take to get started?
Call us now and we’ll have you up and running with a Free Trial today!
Do I need to install any software to use DynaCal?
Because DynaCal is a Web-based service, it does not require any specific program installations. All that is required is a Web browser and access to the Internet. We always recommend using the latest version available for your choice of browsers.  DynaCal is compatible with most popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox).  If you have trouble using DynaCal with your particular browser, feel free to call or email us and we’ll be glad to help.
Where is my event data stored?
All event and scheduling information is stored in an online database that resides on our secure servers. Our servers are protected by redundant points of entry, power backups and routine data backups. We’re very serious about protecting your information and have never had a data loss.
Is there a limit to the number of events I can schedule?
No, there is no limit. DynaCal was designed for “event-intensive” organizations and handles millions of events each year.
How many people can access my calendar at the same time?
There is no limit to the number of people who can access the public view of your calendar at one time. DynaCal is accessible any day, any time, to anyone who has an Internet connection. Calendar administrators need a user id and password to log on to the calendar and there is no limit to the number of administrators you can set up.
Can I customize my public calendar?
Yes, you can customize your calendar with your organization’s logo, a color scheme of your choice, and a variety of default view settings.  In addition, your calendar also can be integrated into one of your existing Web pages using a variety of website integration tools that DynaCal provides as part of your subscription, giving you total control of how your calendar is presented to the public.